Creative Day

(iphone photo taken to document the beautiful mess we were making)

Yesterday was my favorite kind of day. Sadly, my hardworking husband was away at work on a Saturday, but I had the company of two of my college roommates and closest friends. 

Carolann Morgan is the incredible photographer behind CAM Photography. (She's got the most perfect initials for such a career, right?!) This sweet-spirited gal brought over her camera to photograph some paper goods for the Paper & Script website which will soon be up and running! We have yet to capture styled photos of the goods we will be selling online and are excited to now have beautiful photos to share with the world!

Molly (my business partner and best friend) and I jumped in front of the camera for a bit, after finishing up with the important stuff, with the intention of getting a good photo of the two of us for the P&S website. I'll be the first to admit, I am NOT a natural in front of the camera. What was meant to be a semi-serious photographing of the two of us quickly turned into goofing off and fits of laughter which resulted in some of the most entertaining of photographs. 

I am so thankful for the friends God gave me and their creative talents that He knew would one day be colliding into the first of many Creative Days of the year 2014.