Two Years Later...

Wow! It has been a whole two years since I have even looked at my blog. That pretty much sums up how these years have gone… they have flown by. We have started so many new things, ended a few and have loved (almost) every bit of life these past couple of years. Here are the highlights..

- Baby Girl 2 & 3 joined the family!

Madeline Jane will be 2 here in a few weeks & Annemarie Claire will be a year a couple of weeks after that! They are the perfect additions to our family and being a mom of 3 little girls is truly one of my greatest joys in life.

- I launched Worthwrite Goods with a friend of mine in May 2017.

I wanted to try out a product based business and had a few ideas so I looped in a friend who is a very successful business developer and Worthwrite Goods was born! It has grown and transformed so much these past two years. We have had the chance to do vendor fairs at Magnolia Market in Waco a few times and it really has been a blast! Product based business is a different world so it’s been really fun to learn the ins and outs of wholesale, shipping, markets and more!

-Todd started a new job working for a residential home builder! Construction was his first job at a very young age and I’ve always known it would be his last. He really enjoys being in that world and working with his hands so it’s been really fun watching him transition into that world!

-We added on to our house! We aren’t quite done but we are living in the new space that includes master bedroom and bath, office (!!!), and laundry room! It’s a pretty cool feeling knowing we’ve done every bit of the work ourselves and it has taught me extreme patience (perhaps more than parenthood has, believe it or not!).

Those are the big ones! Here’s a hodge podge of photos in summary. Thanks for sticking around here!


Madeline Jane was born March 27, 2017. I can’t find any of her newborn photos so here she is around 6 months… we’re really living up to that middle child syndrome around here.

She’s our spunkiest girl for sure. She makes us laugh nonstop!


Annemarie Claire was born April 12, 2018! She surprised the heck out of us with her arrival. I’ll save that story for another day!


These were our photos Carolann Morgan took for us for the Christmas cards that we never actually sent! I love how they turned out and intend to get a few printed to frame but like a lot of things around here, that just hasn’t happened yet!

Around Our Home

We've been up to a lot around the house lately! With the new baby arriving in a couple of weeks, we thought it would be a great time to tear down part of our house and rebuild it... of course. Here are a few snapshots documenting our progress! Eleanor has more personality than ever and LOVES being in front of the camera... see photos for evidence. We have had so much help on this home from day one we could not have gotten this far without some really incredible friends and family.

Praying that baby stays in a bit longer so we can finish this thing up!

Standing in our future bedroom!

Standing in our future bedroom!

And guys, let me tell you about my man. He has worked his butt off to get us to where we are now and I've never been more thankful for him and his character. He never complains, he just puts his head down and works. Those two men in the photo above could accomplish anything together, I'm sure of it.

And as always, thanks Carolann for the photos! (she saw me trying to snap a few with my phone and wasn't having it... what would we do without her?)

So Long 2016!

Happy New Year! We are well into 2017 and I'm just now feeling like I have my feet under me after the craziness of the Holidays. In December we squeezed in a family photo shoot with our favorite Carolann Morgan! I went all out and even sewed her little green dress... upon completing it I told myself I would never do it again. Despite the hours spent on it and the many hiccups, I am proud of the final product! I want family photos to be a family tradition at least once a year for us and I had the realization that this may be that last shoot as a family of 3! These were used for our Christmas cards this year that barely made it into the mail before December 25th!

We have just kicked off Farnsworth Home Reno Round 2 with an addition that will give us the space to bring another baby home! It will add another bedroom, bathroom and laundry room as well as give me a new office space! It's starting to become a trend around here that we start on major house projects just as we're preparing for another kiddo to join us. I have made one request this time around though... that we have the nursery put together BEFORE the baby arrives (it took about 8 months of Eleanor's life before she had a completed room). Despite the chaos of it, I really do love starting on new construction around the house!

Baby #2 gender is still an unknown, as requested, despite the numerous sonograms I've had to have this time around! The anticipation just gets greater and greater and the due date quickly approaches! We cannot wait!

I have also started work on a new business venture that I cannot wait to share! I'm bringing along a friend of mind who has way more knowledge than I do on the business side of things and it has already made a world of difference! More about that coming soon!

Holiday Wallpaper

I'm officially in the holiday spirit which led to the creation of a new wallpaper! And what better text to script than the lyrics of my favorite Christmas song? I hope you all enjoy!

O holy night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appeared and the soul felt it's worth

The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices
For yonder brinks a new and glorious morn
Fall on your knees

O hear the angel voices
O night divine
O night when Christ was born
O night divine
O night, O night divine

There is one for your desktop and one for your phone, if you'd like! Find the links at the bottom to download! Happy Holiday season!


How to download: click on the link below, the image will open at full size. save the image to your desktop (or photos for iPhone wallpaper). then change your desktop/wallpaper in system preferences or your phone settings.

Phone Wallpaper

Computer Desktop

In The Office | 8.16

Once about every 6 months or so, I go through the painstaking task of cleaning up the endless piles of paper, ink spilled scratch sheets, and empty amazon boxes in my office. It's a full day affair and the result is usually glorious! I can see just about every inch of my desktop and even actually use it!

I went through this process last month to get the office ready for a shoot with San Antonio Magazine (check it out here) and so naturally Carolann pulled out her camera to capture this rare state! And what style office shoot can take place without a baby in my lap. E loves to sit on my lap when I'm at my desk, usually because I give her a paintbrush or pen of some sort to entertain her. I love her so much!

Enjoy a look into my creative space!

Bouquet by  The Green Room Floral .

At Home | 10.15

My favorite place to be at any given time is at home. My favorite place to be while at home is our front porch. We have spent so much time on that porch. It quickly became our second living space once we moved in. Especially since our living room was frequently undergoing major renovation. We rocked Eleanor to sleep as a newborn in the porch swing. We enjoyed deep conversation with good friends. We met so many of our neighbors just by being outside on that porch. Not to mention the endless times the porch has been set up as a makeshift woodshop as house renovations were underway.
I love our front porch.

We had Carolann take some family photos a while back and there was no better setting than that front porch so I thought I'd share a few. (E was still so tiny!)