Hi there, thanks for stopping by! Check out my different services through the links below.

I'd love to chat more about a specific project you have in mind, just send me an email at whitney@whitneyfarnsworth.com!



Custom Signage

Custom signage pieces for your business or home is where I got my start, and are still my favorite projects to date! From custom built & scripted chalkboards to painted wall murals, I've done it all!

calligraphy services

Calligraphy services range from addressing envelopes to custom artwork, and more. With over 4 years of calligraphy experience, I have created my own unique, whimsical pointed pen style.


Design Services

If you a designer in need of spot calligraphy or lettering, I'd love to work with you! Whether its logo design, lettering for a tattoo, or collaborating on project, I'd love to chat more about your project!